Ex-Tampa, Florida Cop Charged in Theater Fatal Shooting at the Grove 16 Complex, Wesley Chapel

Authorities say a retired Tampa police officer has been charged with fatally shooting a man during an argument over cellphone use at a Florida theater.

Chad Oulson, age 43, was texting his daughter, when Curtis Reeves, a retired police officer, became irritated with the texting that was occurring during the movie previews at about 1:30 p.m. Monday.

The two argued, and Reeves went to get a manager, but returned without the manager.

Oulson, got up and turned to Reeves to ask him if he had gone to tell on him for his texting. Oulson told Reeves that he was just sending a message to his young daughter.

The two argued.

Popcorn was thrown.

Then Reeves pulled out a gun and shot Oulson. The bullet went though Oulson’s wife’s hand first, as she reacted by attempting to defend her husband when she saw the gun drawn. Her wound was not life-threatening, but her husband was killed. Two nurses, and an off-duty Sumter County police officer, who were in the theater showing “Lone Survivor” with about 22 other people responded. The police officer secured the scene, while the nurses began CPR on Oulson.

Oulson was transported to the hospital, where he was pronounced dead, Curtis Reeves, age 71, a former captain with the Tampa Police Department and a retired Director of Security at Busch Gardens was arrested and taken into custody.

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