Why You Should Be Hand-Washing Your Car

The convenience of car washes is nice and quick, but if you really love your car and want to keep it looking and operating at its very best, you should make the effort to add a personal touch by caring for your car yourself. After all, there’s no better show of love than dedicating time and effort into something. These are the reasons why you should be hand-washing your car.

Protect Your Car

Going to the car wash can be a bit of a gamble at times. If their method of cleaning involves using materials that are too abrasive, your car’s paint can become damaged or scratched. By hand-washing, you have complete control over the tools and can pick the right cloth and car soap for an effective clean that handles your car with care.

Attention To Detail

As a car wash aims to wash your car as quickly as possible, it often overlooks the finer details and harder-to-reach places of your car. Dirt and grime stuck in your wheels or undercarriage needs to be cleaned out by hand. This is an important aspect of why you should be hand-washing your car. A buildup of dirt and debris within the nooks and crannies of your vehicle can potentially deteriorate and lead to rusting.

Consider the Economics

While it may take more time and effort, hand-washing your car is far more economical. It costs less to get all the right materials for yourself than having someone professionally clean your car to the same effect. Best of all, you can obtain waxes, detailing clay, or glass cleaners as you please to add on extra benefits and processes to better benefit your car. You save money and have complete control over the process. Thanks to the nice warm weather of Florida, you’ll be able to hand-wash your car year-round and maintain a consistent maintenance and cleaning schedule all without breaking the bank.

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