Tips for First-Time Rental Property Owners

When owning rental property, the goal is to create income rather than constantly spend on the rental. Initially, there may be no income as the property is paid down and updates are made. Some important tips for first-time rental property owners include finding a property manager, saving on energy costs, and searching for the right tenants.

Property Manager

A property manager can relieve you of a lot of work when it comes to managing your property. Unless you prefer to be married to your rental property, a management company is worth its weight in gold.

Besides taking care of the daily routine maintenance needs, collecting rent, and fielding questions from renters for you, a property manager can take part in the search for new tenants and is skilled in the area of turning potential tenants down if necessary.

Situations like that can be tricky, but a property manager is prepared for it and knows how to keep emotions out of the process.

A good property manager can predict what issues may lie ahead. This can be especially helpful as a first-time rental property owner.

Energy Costs

Now that you own the property, utility bills will start coming in. Keep energy costs down while you have renters, and also while it is vacant.

Do a thorough maintenance check a couple of times a year. Keep HVAC systems serviced so they run efficiently. Make sure all doors and windows are sealed properly to keep heating and cooling bills down.

It’s okay to ask tenants to kindly unplug small appliances when not in use, and do laundry in an efficient manner.

Finding Tenants

Often the first thought after purchasing a rental property is “How will potential tenants know it is available?” It’s time to market the property.

There are many sites online where you can advertise your rental property. Most people now search for a rental this way, so it truly is a necessity to get your property on those sites.

It’s also important to have your screening process in place so tenants can fill out an application immediately online when they fall in love with your property.

Using these tips for first-time rental property owners will get you started in the right direction for years of income and enjoyment from your rental property.

Tips for First-Time Rental Property Owners

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