Rest & Recreation | 8 of Florida’s Best Atlantic Coast Beaches

When people think of stunning coastal views, beaches with sand for miles, and unbelievable sights, places like Italy or Greece might come to mind. What people tend to forget is that there are plenty of majestic beaches and views right in the United States. Florida is home to a lot of these exquisite spots—here are eight of Florida’s best Atlantic coast beaches.

Florida’s Enchanting Atlantic Coast Beaches


1.      Miami Beach

One of the more Instagram-worthy Atlantic coast beaches, Miami beach is home to A-listers, models, and many more people. Everyone comes for the sunny scene, delicious restaurants, and gorgeous hotels. If you love people watching, trying fresh new food and drinks, or just soaking in the sun, Miami Beach is a place to visit.

2.      Cape Canaveral

Cape Canaveral is home to the Kennedy Space Center, making the area known for not only its sun, sand, and sea, but also for all things space related. Go on an interactive tour or if space exploration doesn’t strike your fancy, try your hand at surf lessons, kayaking, or sport fishing charters. Not only that, but the Canaveral National Seashore features 24 miles of undeveloped beach with different species everywhere you look.

3.      Cocoa Beach

Pretty close by to Cape Canaveral is Ron Jon Surf Shop’s home, Cocoa Beach. Wind and water sports abound here; sailing and kiteboarding are just a few of them activities you’ll see taking place on the water. Chill waterfront bars and plenty of sand banks make Cocoa Beach the perfect place for recreation and leisure.

4.      Flagler Beach

Flagler Beach boasts seven miles of pristine sand and outrageous ocean views. With a reputation of being an easy-going vacation spot with friendly locals and a great fishing pier, this is the perfect place to cast away. There are plenty of spots for you to swim, surf, kayak, play volleyball, or stroll along with loved ones. The retro vibes draw you in as you sit on rooftop cafes while listening to local musicians.

5.      New Smyrna Beach

New Smyrna Beach is full of white sand beaches and is wrapped up in a historic & charming community. If surfing is your thing, take a chance on this quiet beach—it’s hosted a few competitions, so it has waves for days. With tons of places to dig into delicious grub, and stunning artwork to explore, you won’t run out of activities to do and places to see.

6.      Vero Beach

If you’re looking to escape the hustle and bustle of everyday life, Vero Beach is the place for you. The central stretch of Florida coastline is called Treasure Coast for good reason—a hurricane hit a Spanish Treasure Fleet and all these galleons have yet to be found in these waters. If you’ve soaked up all the sun you can, visit the various shops and get some handmade jewelry or blown glass

7.      St. Augustine Beach

St. Augustine beaches are unspoiled and secluded, making for 40 miles of well-preserved coastline. Anastasia State Park is the perfect place if you’re looking for pristine beaches, wildlife, and full-range facilities. St. Augustine is also the oldest European settlement in the nation, filling it with some of Florida’s most celebrated museums and historical landmarks.

8.      Pompano Beach

Often called “the Heart of the Gold Coast,” Pompano Beach is located between Palm Beach and Miami, just a few miles north of Fort Lauderdale. You’ll find more than just enchanting beaches here, because it is also a trove of incredible natural parks and coral reefs. Looking to go snorkeling, boating, or fishing? At Pompano beach, you can do all three!

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