9 Essential Spring Break Safety Tips Everyone Should Know in Florida or Anywhere

Spring break brings relaxation, fun memories, and hopefully a trip somewhere warm and inviting. Here are nine spring break safety tips that will help make your trip one you’ll want to remember. For many Spring Break 2019 is over but take note of safe tips learned over the years about Spring Break.

Essential Spring Break Safety Tips

1. Don’t drink and drive

If you’re bringing a vehicle with you, don’t ever drink and drive. This goes without saying—but, regardless, it’s always worth mentioning. If you use a ride sharing service, make sure the driver knows your name before you get in the vehicle, and verify the license plate with information from ride sharing app.

2. Drink responsibly

It’s always important to know your limits—but it’s especially important on spring break. Whether you’re on a beach or in the mountains, there are going to be different factors that affect your drinking. Drinking in the sun will dehydrate you faster, and drinking in a hot tub will bring about a stronger, faster, and potentially more dangerous drunkenness. It’s always best to have a sober friend in the group to help keep things safe.

3. Don’t share too much on social media

Sharing too much information about your location on social media may endanger your safety. Before you go on your trip, adjust your privacy settings—and make sure to keep locations general.

4. Have a stash of emergency cash

Before you start roaming around for the day, make sure that you have some cash handy. Even if you called your bank before you left and told them you’d be travelling, they can still cancel your cards if someone steals them. Bring some cash just in case.

5. Avoid staying on the first floor

The first floor is the easiest place for thieves to get in and out. If possible, try to get a room on the third floor or higher. If you can’t, make sure you hide or lock away all of your valuables when you leave the hotel room.

6. Create a code word

Before you go anywhere, you and your friends should create a code word or a secret signal so that you can all know when each other feels uncomfortable. It’s also a good idea to have different levels of code words for how serious situations may be.

7. Take copies of identification

One of the worst things is when you realize you no longer have your passport or license. Remedy this situation before it happens by taking copies of your identification.

8. Stay in groups

Don’t go anywhere alone—even if it’s a quick trip to the bathroom. Have a meetup spot for any just-in-case situations. This will come in handy if someone accidentally separates from the group.

9. Protect your skin from the sun

It’s always important to take care of your skin. No matter where your vacation takes you, you need to apply sunscreen consistently—especially on the face and neck. To prepare for beachy destinations, opt for self-tanners or spray tans rather than a tanning bed.

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