Managing Common Everyday Safety Hazards Around the Home in Florida

You may think danger mostly lurks outside, but you can find some potential perils right in your own house. You should be aware of these so that you can take the necessary steps to prevent any harm to yourself or anyone who lives with you. Here are some common safety hazards around the home.

Carbon Monoxide

Carbon monoxide is so dangerous because it’s virtually undetectable with just your senses. You may be unaware of a buildup and become poisoned as a result. Therefore, it’s imperative to have a specialized detector that will alert you to an unnatural amount of carbon monoxide in the air. Install a few detectors around your home, and have a professional test them periodically to make sure they’re functioning properly. Furthermore, you should never leave your car running in a closed garage nor any burning or heating device without ventilation.


Many injuries that take place in the home are related to falls. These may take place on stairs or in bathrooms, where the floor can become slippery with water. These areas present a higher risk for the elderly and small children, possibly leading to broken bones. Keep the floors of your home free of clutter to reduce the possibility of tripping. You should also place rubber mats in the bathtub and gates in front of stairs, depending on the people who live with you.

Unclean Air Ducts

Air ducts are mostly invisible and easy to forget about. Nevertheless, they can still affect your health negatively if left uncleaned. Since they form the passages through which your HVAC system blows air around your home, small particles such as dust, pollen, and mold can collect inside them over time. Whenever you activate your heat or air conditioning, these particles are blown into the rooms of your home, where you may breathe them in and experience allergies and respiratory infections as a result. This is a real danger here in Florida, where pollen is highly prevalent every spring. Prevent this from happening by having a duct cleaning company clear out your air ducts periodically—they’ll be able to access areas you couldn’t reach on your own.

Outdoor Wildlife and Pests

Some wildlife will usually only be a potential problem in rural, wooded areas; but stray animals are always possibility. Florida residents should have a plan for wildlife problems. Plan ahead by checking with local governments about animal warden services. If you’re new to the neighborhood, ask neighbors about their history of encounters with wildlife or pests in the neighborhood.

If you have a large property, consider wearing long boots while walking in rarely used areas to prevent snake bites. Always wear gloves when uncovering rocks or wood to prevent spider bites and fire ant attacks.

Wildlife include Alligators, Crocodiles, Coral snakes, Copperhead snakes, Easter Diamondback Rattlesnakes, Timber Rattlesnakes, Dusky Pigmy Rattlesnakes, Cottonmouth snakes or Water Moccasins, invasive Burmese Python, brown recluse spiders, Southern Black Widow spiders, Florida Black Bears, Wild Boars, Florida Panthers, Snapping Turtles and Fire Ants.

Pests include Bed Bugs, Chinch Bugs, Cockraoches, Drywood Termites, Fire Ants, House Mouse, Mosquitoes, Spiders, White Flies, and more.

For more wildlife information visit the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission Species Profiles page.

For pest control Google or Bing pest control florida [Google] [Bing] or just pest control [Google] [Bing] from your location in Florida.

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