Charity During COVID-19: The Importance of Giving

Charities meet needy people where they are, supplying food, shelter, medical care, and other services or tangibles they can’t live without. There is always a need for these things, but during a crisis like the coronavirus pandemic, these needs intensify and the people in need multiply. Keeping in mind vital charitable giving misconceptions to ground you, here’s an explanation of the importance of giving to charity during COVID-19 and why you should support those around you.

Charities Meet Urgent Needs

As thousands of people contract the coronavirus, shelter-in-place orders are common throughout the United States. Businesses temporarily (or permanently) close their doors or shift their way of doing business, subsequently laying off or furloughing millions of workers in the process. For those already in dire straits—economically disadvantaged and without social support—this period is particularly difficult.

Charitable programming is more important now than ever. In central Florida, there’s more demand on charitable organizations for food than during the Great Recession. As people lose their jobs, housing becomes more uncertain as well, thrusting shelters into a prominent role. Also, remote counseling becomes a lifeline for people struggling at home with anxiety or depression. It’s important to support a charity you trust now because their staff works to help those in need. If you have some semblance of stability during this turbulent time, supporting others without that privilege is deeply impactful.

Giving Keeps “Non-Essential” Programming Running

Meanwhile, charities less directly connected to serving people affected by the pandemic require funding to keep creating their programming. Educational and arts-centered organizations, while they don’t help someone get food on their table, spark joy in people’s lives in a dark time. For this reason, these “non-essential” aspects of life deserve your continued support after addressing urgent needs. Neglecting these programs would eliminate fulfilling outlets through arts and education, while keeping them afloat gives people productive ways to express and process through their troubles.

Giving Gives You Purpose

As you consider what to do, consider the personal importance of giving during COVID-19. During this time of grief, we each unite to some degree around our common struggle. Give to others during this time, and in the process, find purpose that lends meaning and direction in a time that can often feel hopeless.

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