Julie Schenecker Arrested in Shooting Death of Her Two Children in Gated Community in Tampa, Florida

Julie Schenecker, who police say killed her teenage daughter, Calyx, and son, Beau, because she was fed up with them talking back and being mouthy, is in custody and being treated at a hospital for an unknown condition.

Tampa police responded about 7:30 a.m. Friday to a check for well-being call at 16305 Royal Park Court after Julie Schenecker’s mother called police with concern about her daughter’s depression.

Police responded immediately, got no answer at the door, but discovered Julie Schenecker near the back screened pool area. The body of Beau Schenecker was found in the front passenger seat of an SUV in the garage. Calyx’s body was discovered in the upstairs bedroom.

Julie Schenecker was arrested as she told investigators she had planned to kill the children and herself. Police said she left a detailed note with her plans.

The suspect was transported to Orient Road Jail and later transported to a health care facility because she was uncontrollably shaking.

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Google Street View showing gated community entrance.

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