Pain Clinic Businessman Vincent Colangelo, Employees Arrested for Racketeering and Drug Distribution

First Coast News investigation says the aggressive talker is Vincent Colangelo, a convicted felon and former heroin trafficker, who was upset that news investigators with a camera were outside his clinic in May 2010.

Many users and resellers of pills, such as the addictive painkiller, Oxycontin, have been known to come to Florida for pills that Interstate 95 became known as the Oxycodone Express (oxycodone is another name for oxycontin).

Check out the exotic cars and muscle cars apparently seized from Vincent Colangelo …
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Collection of Exotic Cars and Muscle Cars Seized from Alleged Florida ‘Pill Mill’ Businessman

According to the Sun Sentinel, within two years, Vincent M. Colangelo went from being a convicted heroin trafficker living in a Coral Springs apartment to a businessman — the hidden owner of seven pain clinics — who paid $859,000 cash for a mansion on a Davie cul-de-sac.

Vincent Colangelo, age 42, and 22 others were arrested in a series of raids at 26 pain clinics from Miami to West Palm Beach by a task force of federal, state, and local police.

Federal indictments against Colangelo and five of his managers report the suspects built a huge clientele of drug seekers by advertising their clinics on 1,600 Internet sites.

Colangelo sold millions of narcotic pills (such as oxycontin) and cleared as much as $150,000 in cash each day. In addition to making money selling the pills, the suspects charged each patient $200 to $350 in cash per visit. Colangelo recruited doctors by advertising online on Craigslist, and paying $50 to $75 per patient. Busy physicians who saw 50 patients a day could make $1 million a year.

Four employees of the employees that are co-defendants are Nicholaus Thomas, 28, of Fort Lauderdale; Rachel Bass, 27, of Pompano Beach; Michael Plesak, 26, of Plantation, and Wayne Richards, 45, of Lighthouse Point. A fifth employee, from Fort Myers, is still at large.

All appeared in federal court on charges that include racketeering and drug distribution.

Law enforcement officers also confiscated exotic cars, including a Lamborghini, a Viper and a vintage Mustang.

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