‘Anonymous’ Hacktivist Group Plans Attacks Over

A group of activist hackers known as ‘Anonymous’ has threatened to take down a different Orlando city-related website each day, beginning with Orlandofloridaguide.com, a website that is not owned by the city of Orlando. The website is an independent directory of Orlando promoting information for locals and vacation travelers, with information on attractions, nightclubs, sport and restaurants. The website was checked on Tuesday about 9:35 a.m. and took more than two minutes to load — apparently under attack.

According to press releases to media outlets, the attacks are justified as retaliation for repeated arrests of members of a non-profit group called Food Not Bombs, who have, without a permit, been feeding homeless and needy people in a park. Photos of arrests were published on the foodnotbombs.net website.

On June 20, 2011 the group was alleged to be involved in taking down the Orlando, Florida Chamber of Commerce website, and inserting a message into the Univerversal Orlando Resort related to boycotting Orlando.

The group is alleged to be involved in attacks against Westboro Baptist Church, threats against Sony, a distributed denial of service (DDoS) attack on the website of the Spanish Police on June 12, 2011, Internet attacks against about 100 websites in Malaysia, and several other attacks worldwide.

The group is also possibly related to Operation Payback — a coordinated, decentralized group of attacks on opponents of internet piracy originating from the website 4chan. Operation Payback started as retaliation to DDoS attacks on torrent sites; piracy proponents then decided to launch DDoS attacks on piracy opponents. Later the attacks were focused on major pro-copyright and anti-piracy organizations, law firms, and individuals.

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