Maintenance Worker Justin W. Honeycutt Hit by Counterweight, Then Dangles from Safety Harness at Star Flyer Ride at the Magical Midway

Justin W. Honeycutt, 30, was killed while working Saturday on the Star Flyer ride at the Magical Midway, 7001 International Drive in Orlando. The ride was not operating for guests when Honeycutt climbed the ride that rises over 230 feet into the air. The ride moved and apparently a counterweight struck the maintenance worker and knocked him toward the ground. His safety harness stopped him from hitting the ground, but he dangled about 50 feet above the ground.

Orange County Fire Rescue was recovered from the position after a 45-minute operation. He was pronounced dead with severe traumatic injuries to his body. It is unknown if the strike of the counterweight caused the fatal injuries or the sudden stop after a fall in the safety harness.

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POV video showing view from inside the ride chair, which travels up to 54 mph.

Magical Midway info from eHow.

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