4 of the Best Dog-Friendly Parks in Florida

Florida is overflowing with friendly dog owners, so it’s essential for communities to have parks that appeal to both humans and pets. We share four of the best dog-friendly parks in Florida.

Diogi Dog Park

Located in Mulberry, Florida, Diogi Dog Park is a clean, safe, and open park for pooches of all sizes. The park has two sides—one for small dogs and one for big dogs. While the pups run around and interact with other canines, their owners can sit in the shaded picnic table areas and watch their dog have the time of their life. The park also has water fountains for people and their pets, and they even provide dog owners with waste bags. If you want to take your fur baby to a spacious park, consider making your way to Diogi Dog Park.

Dog Wood Park

Dog Wood Park is the largest dog park in Jacksonville, so you can expect plenty of space for your four-legged friend to run, swim, and play. The pond and trails are perfect for any dog, and the park even has tunnels and other exercise equipment for them to use. Additionally, Dog Wood Park understands that it’s easy for dogs to get dirty outdoors, which is why they offer everything pet owners need to clean them up. To top it off, there’s a separate playground for kids here; you can bring the entire family—and everybody is sure to have a great time!

Fort De Soto Park

If you find yourself near St Petersburg, Fort De Soto Park is worth a visit. It’s a treat for large and small dogs since they can play in enormous fenced areas as well as on the beach. The park also offers hoses and drinking water if you need to cool your pups down. On the same hand, pet owners can enjoy themselves here, too. You’re welcome to play with your dogs, swim, or simply sit down and relax. Overall, Fort De Soto is an incredible destination for dog owners and their furry friends.

Lake Baldwin Park

Lake Baldwin Park is the only dog-friendly park in Winter Park, FL. With a beautiful beach and woodsy trails, it definitely makes for a fun outing for any dog and its owner. While the pups can run and swim, humans can relax under one of the pavilions. You can also take boats (without gas engines) out on the water. Plus, this park has a playground as well as little shops and restaurants close by. When you visit Lake Baldwin with the whole family, you’re bound to have an exciting day!

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