6 Interior Design Trends to Inspire Your Decoration Efforts

People often decorate their homes to display their unique personalities. However, if you’re craving some inspiration, we’ve got your back. Below, we highlight six interior design trends people are raving about this year.

Blush Pink

This dusty hue is incredibly popular for a variety of reasons. First, it adds a slightly feminine flair to any space. Additionally, blush pink is extremely versatile, as it’s easy to pair with neutrals. Plus, many individuals associate this color with a Californian style. If you feel daring and want to switch up your home’s color palette, give this color a go.

Curvy Furniture

Often, we fall into a habit of only buying furniture with sharp edges; however, curvy furniture can add instant charm to a room. This is because they encourage softness and flow, complementing your other furnishings and really opening the space. If you find that your home feels tight, consider swapping out some straight-edged pieces for curved ones.

Geometric Shapes

The geometric trend has stuck around for quite some time—and for good reason. Due to the clean lines, geometric patterns make rooms appear more modern and refined. Go ahead and display some interesting, oddly-shaped sculptures or embrace the look of fun patterned blankets and pillows.

Luxurious Textures

No matter your home’s aesthetic, layering textured pieces will always maximize comfort and visual interest. For example, rich, smooth velvet boasts sophistication, while soft, fluffy faux fur is effortlessly glamorous. Cowhide and sheepskin also add distinctive touches to your home. To give your space that sought-after eclectic look, don’t be afraid to use all your favorite textured accessories.

Mixing Metals

Brass, iron, and nickel aren’t out of style—in fact, these metals are making a comeback. Experiment with shiny metals to blend elements of elegance into your living space. We suggest choosing the metal you love the most, then selecting one or two more metals in the same color family to complement it. The goal here is to include subtle accents, not overdo it.

Touch of Nature

Natural materials visually warm up the home. Creating a nature-inspired scene is as simple as investing in wooden furniture or accessories crafted from stone. A more obvious way you can incorporate nature into your space is by displaying your favorite plants. Flower arrangements, foliage, and small trees seamlessly complement any design scheme. Plus, you’re sure to feel calmer in a room surrounded by lush greenery.

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