Up Your IG Game: The 7 Best Instagram Spots in Disney World

With its bright colors, stunning attractions, and gorgeous weather, Disney World is an Instagrammer’s dream location. While you’re soaking in all the fun the park has to offer, be sure to stop and snap a photo at each of the seven best Instagram spots in Disney World.

1. The Popsicle Stick Wall

One of the newer additions to Disney World, Toy Story Land will amuse all those who are really kids at heart. Amid the bright primary colors of this section of the park you’ll find this lovely popsicle stick wall. With its muted pastel colors, it makes for the perfect picture.

2. Spaceship Earth

The crowning jewel of Epcot, Spaceship Earth is a quintessential symbol of Disney World. Pose for a picture in front of this futuristic fixture for a totally classic Disney picture. Crowds are heavy around this area, but with patience and a bit of luck, you can snap the ideal shot.

3. The Tree of Life

For all the nature lovers out there, the Tree of Life is by far one of the best Instagram spots in Disney World. This massive tree features stunning carvings of nearly every type of animal, giving it a jaw-dropping appearance. It clocks in at 145 feet tall, so any photo you take with it will make an impact.

4. The Neverland Map Wall

If you agree with Peter Pan’s aspiration to never grow up, pose for a photo against the Neverland Map Wall. Located near Peter Pan’s Flight in Fantasyland, the wall features a sweeping map of the fictional world of Neverland. Just strike a pose and let your true intentions shine through.

5. The Valley of Mo’ara

There’s no way to overstate the beauty of Disney World’s Pandora. With its lush, sweeping ecosystem and its otherworldly details, there’s truly no other attraction like it. The Valley of Mo’ara displays the best of everything Pandora has to offer. Any location here is great for a snapshot, but for that science-fiction feel, pose under the floating mountains.

6. The Italy Pavilion Fountain

Avid travelers will fall in love with the World Showcase. With its 11 pavilions, each depicting a different country, you’ll get to travel around the world in just one day. The Italy Pavilion is one of the most stunning, and within in it, you’ll find an Instagram spot that can’t be missed: the Neptune Fountain. This attraction looks like it came straight from the bel paese, so perch on the ledge and snap a photo.

7. Cinderella Castle

This list just wouldn’t be complete without Cinderella Castle. The iconic structure is as synonymous with Disney World as Mickey himself, so carve out some time for taking some photos when you get here. The castle’s classic look, cheery colors, and stunning architecture have made it an international icon.


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