The Best Car Colors That Will Keep You Safe on The Road; And the Standout Colors Are

There are many features to consider when buying a car. Whether it is for yourself or your teenager, it is important that the vehicle you choose will keep you safe. One widely overlooked feature is a car’s color, which can greatly affect your safety on the road. While many car paint myths will have you believe that your vehicle’s color doesn’t matter, this simply isn’t true. That is why we put together a guide on the best car colors that will keep you safe on the road.

The Good

When choosing a car color, you will want to pick one that will help you stand out. Colors such as yellow, green, red, and blue are the best car colors regarding safety—a brighter car stands out on the road, no matter if there are dangerous weather conditions or it’s dark out. While bright colored cars aren’t as common, they remain the safest option; other drivers are more likely to notice you because the color is vivid and it’s not often seen on the road.

The Bad

Black, silver, and white may be the most popular car colors, but they are not safe options. There are a few reasons or this: a black colored car is difficult to see at night, silver is hard to spot if there is fog or rain, and a white car is not ideal for blizzard-like conditions. When purchasing a vehicle, be sure to consider weather conditions. While Floridians don’t have to worry about snowstorms, there is still plenty of rain to prepare for. As such, you should try and avoid neutral color cars.

No matter where you live, unpredictable weather and driving at night could result in an accident. To ensure your safety, invest in a brightly colored vehicle so you stand out on the road.

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