Hurricane Preparedness Tips for Florida Communities

When hurricanes hit, it’s essential for communities to be ready—otherwise, the extensive damage will delay the recovery. At this time, Florida cities should remain on the lookout for possible storms. The lower 48 states are at risk of flooding when hurricane season starts, but don’t forget that the season lasts into late fall. Unexpected hurricanes can still happen after summer ends.

How Cities Can Prevent Commercial and Residential Destruction in The First Place

Cities must regularly update building codes to accommodate flood predictions. They should also make sure contractors propose structures that pass construction codes; the homes and offices need to withstand high water levels and strong winds. It may be necessary to construct bulkheads, revetments, and seawalls to control coastal flooding and protect hazard-prone properties. Once these buildings are up, property owners must have enough insurance coverage on their facilities. This protection is vital to a quick post-storm recovery.

Resident Safety First

One of the most important things people can do to stay safe during hurricanes is to follow evacuation plans. Residents must depart from wherever they reside once local authorities advise them to evacuate. Therefore, cities must determine evacuation routes well in advance. Often, these routes close once hurricanes develop, so residents need to leave before the severe weather hits. Plus, many people like to test the routes before the storms arrive in case they decide on an alternate route.

Directing Stormwater

To reduce the impact of excess moisture, Florida cities—particularly coastal towns—can also benefit from dependable pumping systems. Stormwater pumps minimize the likelihood of flooding by redirecting large volumes of water. Additionally, floodwater contains solids, and pump stations can handle the debris often found in it.

We hope our hurricane preparedness tips can aid our state’s towns from future damage caused by large tropical storms.

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