A Guide on How to Attract People to Your Rental Home

When you want to rent out your property, your priority is to find model tenants. To do this, you need your home to stand out among the several other options on the market. This is possible, even within a saturated market—you just need to have the right tools. If you want to learn how to attract more people to your rental home, this guide is for you.

Utilize Good Marketing

How you market your rental property is what will have the biggest impact on your success. Great pictures, well-written descriptions, and expert use of social media can go a long way to get your home seen. Your listings should highlight all the best parts of the property you want to sell.

Offer Different Payment Options

You want potential renters to know they have different options when it comes to how they pay you. Some prefer to punch things in online, some like checks, and others may even like to call in and give payment over the phone. Allow someone to do what’s most comfortable for them.

Be Flexible

Don’t focus your attention on the things you won’t budge on; just focus on the things you will. Decide what you’re willing to negotiate on when it comes to cosmetic changes your renter wants to make. A good tenant should be rewarded with the freedom to do things such as paint the walls and have fun with the landscape.

Be Available

The more time you put toward something, the better the results. Stay available, and don’t make it difficult for people to get ahold of you. If you’re out of the office and can’t return calls or emails, an automated message should inform renters who try to contact you. The message should let them know you’re currently unavailable and that you’ll get back to them as soon as possible during regular business hours.

Choose the Right Time to Put Your Home on the Market

To get the rent you want for your home, be mindful of when you list it. Summer is often considered an optimal time to attract renters, as the weather makes it an ideal time for them to move. Winter tends to be slower, however, and some may take advantage of the time to try to get a deal.

Maintain Your House

Make sure you keep the house maintained throughout the duration of the selling period. Don’t let anything slip after you take the pictures for the listing. Potential renters will get immediately turned off if they’re shown a place that doesn’t match their expectations.

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