How to Protect Your Car Against Sun Damage

Florida is undeniably one of the hottest—and sunniest—states in the nation. So, what does this mean for your car?

The sun heats up both the interior and exterior of your vehicle, and eventually, its rays will damage both. That’s why we want our readers to learn more about how to protect your car against sun damage. We provide some quick tips you can implement to prolong your vehicle’s life.

When the sunlight enters your car, it ages the interior. One of the most obvious ways you can defend the inside of your vehicle from the sun is to use a specially-formulated conditioner or protectant. These products effectively moisturize upholstery, so they’re less likely to crack and fade. Plus, if you take this extra step in caring for your car, you can increase its value.

A windshield shade is also helpful to block the sun’s UV rays and can keep your steering wheel cool. All you need to do is unfold it and place it along the interior side of your windshield. When you get back into your car, fold the shade back up and store it in a door pocket, the back seat, or the trunk. Similarly, seat covers preserve your vehicle’s upholstery, so don’t be afraid to install them—as a bonus, they’ll help your seats feel colder.

Something you may not know is that window tinting helps keep the blinding light and sweltering temperatures from weakening your upholstery’s fabric or leather material over time. If your car windows don’t have any tint, look into having them tinted.

If you want maximum protection for your vehicle’s exterior, consider taking it to a shop for paint protection film or a ceramic coating. These will form protective barriers against the sun, and ultimately prevent your car’s paint from fading.

To keep your car out of the blazing sun in the first place, park it in a carport or garage, as they provide ample protection against the elements. When in doubt, if you’re in an open parking lot, park your vehicle in a shaded spot if you can.

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