Why You Need a Wind Resistant Travel Umbrella

Weather patterns are hard to predict accurately. The weathermen do the best they can, but more often than not, they get it wrong. Only in that field can you say there is a 50% chance of rain and be taken seriously. Their inconsistency is the main reason you need a wind resistant travel umbrella.

It’s always better to properly prepare for rain when you leave the house, but most of us don’t grab an umbrella on the days we hear it’s only 50% likely to happen. The best thing you can do for yourself is to get a travel umbrella and stick it in the glove compartment or the center console of your car. That way, it’s always there waiting to save the day.

You want to make sure, though, that you have a sturdy, quality umbrella that can take everything mother nature will throw at you. A cheap, promotional umbrella that you won at the company Christmas party won’t do when a tropical storm is bearing down on you. A strong gust of wind can turn your umbrella inside out in an instant, and then, you’re left to battle the rain on your own.

The most obvious reason to travel with an umbrella is to stay dry and out of the rain. Rain can pop up at any moment, like a criminal waiting to catch you off guard. You don’t want to get caught coming out of the salon with a brand-new hairdo and have a tropical storm wreck it. Keep the umbrella in your bag and you’re set.

Umbrellas aren’t just for protecting you from the rain, though. Turning back the clock is all the rage right now and old tech is new again. Use your umbrella like the pharaohs did; for some shade. Way back in the day, when the first umbrellas were used by royalty, they used them to protect their skin from the sun. No self-respecting despot or king would hold their own umbrella, of course—they had designed umbrella holders that were always at the ready. Hiring your own umbrella guy might be a tall order today, but you can still pretend to be royalty and walk around with an umbrella on a sunny day.

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