Tips for Cleaning Your Car’s Interior to Perfection

We’re in our cars so often that it only makes sense when dirt and grime pile up. There’s no need to just live with the mess, though—with the right techniques, you can keep your car’s interior nearly spotless. Here are some top tips for cleaning your car’s interior.

Vacuum between the nooks and crannies

If you’re someone who eats in the car, you’re not alone. Sometimes there simply isn’t time to grab a bite somewhere else, making the car a convenient option. You may leave behind some unsavory crumbs, though, so make sure you take care of those. With the help of a vacuum, you can get rid of the buildup of dirt in your car in no time.

Clean your vinyl upholstery

As with any debris that builds up, stains and muck can easily appear on your seats. Luckily, vinyl upholstery is quite easy to clean. With the help of gentle cleaning products and a bit of elbow grease, your upholstery will look brand-new in no time. Simple cleaning techniques can help with your car’s look and make it smell fresh, too.

Wash windows and mirrors

Few things are quite as unsightly as smudgy mirrors and windows. They don’t just make your car look dirty—they’re also dangerous. That built-up grime can obscure your vision or create streaky blind spots, both of which make driving unsafe. With the help of a simple window cleaner, you can get the job done. This is one tip for cleaning your car’s interior you should act upon regularly.

Scrub down the floor mats

Seeing as they’re where your feet go, floor mats see their fair share of messes. That’s why it’s so important to take them out and give them a thorough scrubbing from time to time. Pull them out of your car, set them on the ground, and give them a hose-down with some soapy water. For stuck-on grime, a scrub brush can also be helpful.

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