How to Protect Your Outdoor Furniture Against Bad Weather — Save Wood, Plastic, Fabric


It’s officially the time of year when the weather begins to fluctuate, alternating between days that are sunny and bright and others that are cold and rainy. Maintenance for outdoor furniture can become tricky around this time, as you may not necessarily be ready to store it away just yet. That being said, you still want it to withstand the elements. After all, you don’t want to have to replace your furniture every couple of years due to unnecessary wear. We can relate to this struggle, which is why we’ve created a guide on how to protect outdoor furniture against bad weather.


The most effective way to protect wood furniture is to make sure it’s properly coated. We recommend coating any wood furniture you keep outdoors with a waterproof finish before you put it outside. One of the nice things about wood furniture is that it’s heavy, so the wind isn’t likely to blow it away. If you want to further protect your wood furniture, you can purchase protective covers.


One of the biggest worries with plastic furniture is that heavy winds are far more likely to shift it. You’ll want to make sure to secure it so that you don’t have to worry about this risk. Some people choose heavy rocks as a simple fix, but a heavy umbrella base will also do the trick if you’re trying to keep a table in place. Additionally, if you have any furniture covers, a heavier material will help protect the plastic against the wind.

One other thing to know about plastic furniture is that it’s particularly susceptible to water spots. These can take a toll on the structure, so you’ll want to avoid them. If there’s a heavy rain, be sure to dry off any plastic furniture with a towel.


When it comes to bad weather, we’re most likely to worry about fabric furniture. When we fail to tend to cloth-covered furniture, mildew can begin to grow inside the material. If you want as little maintenance as possible, you can get water-resistant slipcovers for your furniture. Another simple fix is to store any cushions in a waterproof container that you keep near your deck when you’re not using them.

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