4 Common Problems with the Ford Power Stroke Diesel Engine

The powerful Power Stroke diesel engine will provide years of reliable and trouble-free service when properly maintained. There are several common problems, however, that Ford owners report. Still, all these problems can be solved with relative ease, and even prevented with some good maintenance. There are many comparisons of the three major diesel powerplants from Ford, Chevy, and Dodge. This article will focus specifically on the issues with the Power Stroke. Here are some common problems with the Ford Power Stroke diesel engine.

The Cam Position Sensor

The cam position sensor can cause the motor to cut out and die. If that happens, the motor won’t start until it sits for a bit or is reset on the batteries. A quick and easy way to check your sensor is to watch the tachometer while the engine is cranking. If it is responsive, your sensor is good. If not, replace it. Buy an OEM sensor, because the aftermarket ones are known to be defective out of the box.

Bad Injector Drive Module

The injector drive module is on the driver’s side fender and can get damaged from water splash. When the module goes, it will cause the motor to not start, run rough, or cut out and lower RPMs. Check the module for water damage, frayed wiring, or moisture. If anything is evidently damaged, replace it as soon as possible.

Injection Pressure Regulator Valve

A damaged injection pressure regulator valve will prevent the engine from starting. It is located in the valley of the high-pressure oil pump. The valve can stick, the seals can get damaged and sensors within can go bad or the wires can get damaged—all causing the engine to not start. Check for all these signs, and if any of them are present, replace the valve.

Under Valve Cover Harness Connectors

When the harness connectors come loose or show damage, they will make the engine sound terrible. They can shake loose or get shorted and will lead to rough running conditions and cause the engine to sputter and die. To check for this problem and fix it, unplug the four connectors on the block and heads that are under the valve covers; then, check for cut wires or burnt and loose connectors. If you see any of that damage, replace them immediately.

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