How to Reduce Allergens in Your Home

Allergies are nuisances that many people all around the country have to deal with. Here in Florida, though, the abundance of pollen in the air and the high humidity may aggravate allergies even more. You may dread the runny nose, the cough, and the watery eyes that you inevitably develop. Fortunately, there are ways to battle this. Don’t let your house be a place where allergies prevent you from relaxing: here’s how to reduce allergens in your home.

Don’t Collect Dust

Dust is one major culprit of allergies for a lot of people, so you should minimize it in your house. Having a clean, neat interior will effectively accomplish this; clear dust from all surfaces and wash fabrics so that it won’t accumulate.

With this in mind, bare wood floors are better than wall-to-wall carpet if you suffer from allergies. If you still want a softer surface, get rugs or carpets that you can easily remove and wash. Replace heavy drapery with lighter, washable curtains, and consider allergen-resistant pillow covers that won’t allow the proliferation of dust mites.

Get Rid of Pet Dander

Some people experience allergic reactions around house pets. In these circumstances, they’re most likely reacting to the presence of pet dander. Dander is tiny bits of skin, hair, and feathers that animals may naturally shed; these contain certain proteins that can lead to allergies. You should clean your pet’s bedding and other areas they usually come in contact with so that the dander doesn’t build up. Another smaller measure you can take is to simply close your bedroom door when you’re away so that your pet doesn’t get in and leave allergens inside. For people with extremely bad pet allergies, not having pets at all is a wise choice.

Clear the Air

Two components in the air that often lead to allergies—pollen and humidity—are very common in the Florida climate. Pollen is an allergen in itself because it’s small and easy to inhale, while humidity creates an environment conducive to the growth of more allergens in the form of mold.

When you have troubles related to the air in your home, ventilation is an effective answer to the problem. This doesn’t mean that you should open all your windows, since this will only worsen the situation. Instead, run your air conditioner to generate air flow and to move the allergens and moisture out of the home. You should also check that you home doesn’t have any cracks through which particles and humidity can enter. Spray foam insulation is a good solution to this because it can complete the barrier of your home’s walls against external forces and improve the air quality as a result.

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