Do Your Part: 5 Tips to Prevent Urban Flooding

For Floridians, floods may just seem like a way of life. The hurricane season, constant rainfall, and sea-level living all add to the consistent floods. That said, many places across the U.S. are at risk of flooding in the spring—Florida in particular. Right now is the perfect time to get a head start on preventing flooding season. Below, we’ve listed a few key tips to prevent urban flooding. From adding in greener rooftops to installing better water pump systems, these can help residents and city workers protect the town. Check them out!

Create Flood Plans

As a city, do what you can to ensure that there are proper flood plans for residents and city workers. This can mean everything from creating flood plains to handle river overflow to delegating city areas for flood clean up. One of the best things you can do for your city in these situations is to make sure that everyone is knowledgeable about ways to move forward.

Design Green Rooftops

Not everyone can keep a lawn green and lush in Florida, but it’s a great way to mitigate flooding. Try to design and include green rooftop gardens into your new housing designs. This is something both city officials and residents can do; either way, they’ll act as a stormwater management tool, absorbing rainwater and reducing stormwater runoff.

Keep Sewers Clean

Next is a tip that everyone across the city needs to take responsibility for. Before the flood season begins, it’s imperative to clean sewer systems and keep them clean. This is one of the main ways municipalities can control floodwaters, and it’s generally a good practice for cities to take on. As a resident, make sure to keep leaves and debris out of drains, and as a city, make sure that full systems are cleaned.

Improve Disaster Communication Strategies

Whether it’s for flooding or hurricanes, do what you can to improve disaster communication strategies. Yes, those flood plans you created should work, but stable strategies must be in place for those disaster meetings. For example, improved flood warning mechanisms and signs can keep people safe and save lives.

Implement Sustainable Drainage

Like green roofs, this drainage system hits the actual ground. Rather than using straight concrete, utilize permeable materials so that excess water has a place to go. In general, to prevent flooding, be unique and find different places for the water to go—flood plains, permeable walkways, and rooftop gardens are all options!

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