Ways Cities Can Plan for Population Growth

Florida has always been a popular state for vacationers; however, over the years, Florida’s become a popular state in which to reside. Florida has seen exceptional population growth in recent years with no signs of slowing. Luckily, Florida prepared for the population growth, but has your city? Take a look at some of the ways cities can plan for population growth.

Collect data constantly

Every city regardless of its size should be collecting data regularly, especially if it is a major city or near one. The data should include things like population (of course), demographic information, and the income per capita. All this data will help you predict the number of future residents, the type of residents (e.g., young professionals or retirees), trends, and their income. All of which can help you plan accordingly.

Improve existing infrastructure

Many city dwellers want a city that is easily accessible along with its activities. Naturally, many people come to Florida for the wonderful beaches. Florida officials have done a great job by implementing the boardwalks to make beaches more accessible. However, maybe your city doesn’t have beaches or not as many. Take Amsterdam or Copenhagen, for example, which are known as two of the best cities in the world for bicycles. If you can, your city should do its best to improve the infrastructure you currently have before starting a new project.

Installing modern parking solutions

A common issue throughout many cities is parking, even in cities that are known for exceptional public transit or alternative transportation, like bikes. People still want the freedom of owning a car and being able to drive wherever they want, when they want. So what are many cities doing to solve this problem? They’re installing automated parking systems (APS). Take the Muse Residences in Sunny Isles, Florida, which have the tallest APS of its kind in the world. Or the Paramount Residences in Fort Lauderdale, which is the world’s largest full-robotic system in the world.

Individuals have been residing in larger cities for work and entertainment for decades, so the increase in population shouldn’t come as a surprise. However, your city should be on top of the local trends and be able to adjust accordingly. There are several ways cities can plan for population growth. Is your city ready?

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