Tips for Practicing Golf at Home: Swinging Drills, Putting, Swinging, Exercises

Florida is one of the nation’s top destinations for golf because of its warm climate, so it’s no surprise that the sport is so popular here. But while nothing beats getting onto the course and playing a round, you don’t always have that option due to outside circumstances, whether that be poor weather or the constraints of current events. If you’re forced to shut yourself indoors, does that mean you need to forget about golf altogether? Not by any means! You can still get in some applicable exercise with these tips for practicing golf at home.

Swinging Drills

You may not have the freedom to hit some powerful drives in your house, but you can work on the mechanics of your swing. Make sure you clear out enough space to do the motion without knocking anything over, breaking a fragile item, or hitting someone passing by. Then, choose one of your heavier clubs and swing away. This will help more deeply ingrain the movements into your body and maintain your muscles’ ability to perform well when it’s time to play once again.

Indoor Putting

The swinging drills will cover your long-distance practice, but for short-distance practice, you should do indoor putting. Since you aren’t using a lot of power, you can use a golf ball for this. Just arrange something soft to catch the ball when you hit it, such as cushions or a net. With that in place, you may use some easily removable tape to make a straight line on the floor from where you’ll putt. As you practice hitting the ball, try to make it follow that line as closely as possible to improve your accuracy.


There are some bodyweight movements you can easily do at home that can reinforce the parts of your body relevant to golf. These exercises will help your golf game by increasing the control and strength you can apply to swings. You can also reduce your risk of injury by working out and increasing your flexibility. Side and standard planks will help you form a solid core for swing rotation, for instance. Moreover, you can prevent forearm inflammation with hand walks that will fortify your arms’ tendons and muscles. Lock down the proper form, and you’ll be more than ready for your next round on the course.

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