How to Let People Know Your Business is Open

During this trying time of a global pandemic, many businesses and families are hurting economically. Two problems nearly all businesses are facing are mandatory shutdowns and temporary restrictions. For example, restaurants can no longer offer dine-in service and must alert customers if they will be open for delivery and take-out meals. One way to communicate any changes to your business or services is by utilizing signage. Signage can help inform customers of new rules, policies, and restricted services or goods. Check out this guide on how to let people know your business is open.

Incorporate signage

Signage can help you to communicate to your customers what changes are being made to keep up with the response to COVID-19. Putting up signs in your door and windows can alert customers if you’re still open, what your new hours are, and what services or products you may still provide. Placing digital signage around your store or business can help customers properly navigate your store while maintaining social distance and getting informed. Be sure to place your digital signage in easy to find spots.

Keep connected via email and social media

Let your customers know that you’re still open during this trying time through social media and email. If you have an email list of your customers, craft an email assuring them that you plan to remain open. Tell them about what restrictions or new policies may be in place so they are prepared when shopping with you. Keep up on social media by posting any updates you get. That way, your customers know you’re staying on top of the situation and doing your best to keep your employees and them safe and healthy.

Talk to local media

Reach out to your local media outlets. Many news outlets are keeping live lists online of local businesses that are still open through this crisis. See if you can secure a spot on these lists—the extra exposure you will get to your local community will be invaluable.

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