Backyard Beautification: How to Create a Backyard Oasis

There is much to be said for a verdant, well-manicured lawn, but Florida’s climate offers so many possibilities for homeowners to beautify personal outdoor space. Think about how to create a backyard oasis with these handy tips.


A traditional oasis is a fertile area with a good water supply in an otherwise arid landscape. Such a spot provides respite and relief from harsh climate conditions. A backyard oasis concentrates on the respite and relief aspect, and privacy is a major element of relaxation. Explore different types of fencing, from bamboo to metal to durable wood species. Some types of fencing provide plenty of privacy on their own, while others are made to facilitate the growth of a “living fence” of vines or espaliered trees.


Sun, rain, climate, and color are all essential considerations when choosing plants for your backyard retreat. Vary plant height and color to add interest. Make your lawn easy to maintain by planting fast-growing native trees and shrubs around the perimeter of the yard, and border them with curvy beds of colorful perennials and annuals to add seasonal interest.


Adding brick or stone patios and walkways adds interest to large outdoor spaces by breaking the space up into smaller garden “rooms,” where you can add containers, trellises, benches, and outdoor furnishings to create a cozy, shady, and relaxing spot.

Water Features

The major water feature most Florida homes boast is a pool. Make the most of your pool area with an attractive pool enclosure. Among the many benefits of a pool enclosure are added safety and security, an extended pool season, and a larger-feeling home. A small fountain or waterfall feature mimics the soothing sound of a babbling brook.

If you’re feeling stuck, look for innovative ideas on home-improvement programs and online magazines that focus on beautifying outdoor spaces. Seek the advice of local landscape and garden center experts about what kinds of plants and materials will thrive and endure in your backyard oasis.

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