Ways to Update an Older Home and Preserve Its Past

An old home deserves a lot of love. It’s been through storms and families; through arguments, laughter, crayons on the walls; it’s been through design changes, lifestyle changes, and so much more. That said, if you’re revamping an old home, then there are some steps to take to both preserve its past while making space for this new world. We’ve outlined some of our favorite ways to update an older home while still conserving the stories from its past. Take a look!

Choose to Re-Stain, Rather Than Remove

For a lot of people, the floors of their older homes are the thing that they want to tear out the most. However, well-made older homes have wooden floors that are wonderful—they just need a bit of sprucing. Rather than tearing out the wood floors, opt for an updated stain. You’ll have to make sure to choose the right shade for your stain, but once you do, you’ll keep the character of the old while embracing the new!

Give it a Thorough Washing

Sometimes, what an old home needs are a good deep clean. When you’ve gone through the interior and scrubbed away any old stains, don’t think you’re finished. The exterior cleaning of an old home is almost more important than the interior, especially when it comes to curb appeal. If you can, and if you feel comfortable, use a power washer. Get into all of those nooks and crannies full of dirt and grime from who knows when.

Eliminate Clutter… Except for a Few Pieces

Whether you’ve moved into a smaller old home or a massive one, you still need to be cautious about clutter. An old home will seem especially chaotic if there is a constant mess, so if you want a surefire way to update an old home, then you first need to think about your design and your clutter. Do your best to remove all clutter from the home—if it doesn’t have a place, do you really need it? That said, if you’re moving into your grandmother’s old house, then we recommend keeping a few things and having those act as anchors of a space

Use the rug she made as a tapestry in the guest room or make that old stained glass the prominent art piece in your family room. Take the old and make something fabulous out of it—without letting it add to the clutter.

Replace the Little Fixtures

An update that seems tedious but will make a huge difference once accomplished is going through and replacing all of the little fixtures around the home. Switch out your light switch plates, your drawer handles, and even the legs of that old coffee table. When you can go through and replace the little things, you’ll add a splash of new to the drab.

Get Fancy With the Landscaping

A Florida home could always benefit from some beautiful landscaping, and an old home could benefit that much more. It’s a big mistake to forget about the outside of the home. Get your hands dirty and add something new to the outdoors—play with perennials and annuals, add in some fresh greenery that will be okay with high heat, and add in some citrus trees. The more color you add to the outside of your home, the more modern your old home will seem.

Old homes are a treasure, and the more you fight against them, the harder it’ll be to design your dream space. Work with what you have and enhance, rather than demolish. You’ll soon fall in love!

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