Five Ways to Celebrate High School Graduation

Graduating from high school is a big milestone, as it marks the beginning of adulthood. This is an exciting time for young adults to celebrate their accomplishments. If you have just graduated from high school, here are five ways to celebrate your high school graduation.

Throw a Themed Party

If you went to prom, you might have celebrated with a theme. Why not throw a similar party with your closest friends? Choose a theme and create a party playlist with some memorable songs from every year of your high school experience. You can keep it simple by planning something at your house, or maybe a friend or relative will let you rent out their lake house.

Go Through Old Photos

Some high school graduates have kept the same friends since elementary or middle school. If this is true for you and your group of friends, take out your old yearbooks and any random photos your parents might have kept to reminisce over. This will give you something fun to bond over before you go your separate ways.

Have a Movie Night

Get your friends and family members together to watch a movie to celebrate your graduation. It can be a new movie that you’ve waited a long time to see, or you could watch a collection of movies you enjoyed in high school. If you have a projector system, use your home as a theater—or if the weather is nice, you can even make a backyard theater.

Go on an Adventure

One of the best things about graduating from high school is that people finally consider you an independent adult. Why not use that independence to plan a road trip with your friends? You can go somewhere none of you have ever been before. If nothing else, it will become a spot for great memories. It’s wise to not only plan your route ahead of time, but also to make your road trip eco-friendlier.

Create a Bucket List

If you have a close group of friends you hung out with regularly in high school, knowing you won’t see each other every day might be hard. Try not to feel pressured to do everything you can with your friends right now—this isn’t the last time you’ll see each other. To show you want to keep your friendship, make a list of things you want to do in the future. Your list can include winter break ideas, summer vacation spots, and yearly reunion plans.

Hopefully, these five ways to celebrate high school graduation sound exciting to you. If not, maybe they can help you come up with your own ideas. Congratulations to this year’s high school graduates!

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