Inexpensive Ways to Upgrade a Bedroom

Out of all the areas of your home, the bedroom is the one you want to feel the coziest. It’s the place where you go to rest after a long day. It’s also the first thing you see when you rise in the morning. Therefore, you want your bedroom to look appealing—but redecorating or renovating it can quickly become costly. If you’re facing this dilemma, you can greatly benefit from these inexpensive ways to upgrade a bedroom.

Get New Pillows and Bedding

The bed is the natural centerpiece of the bedroom, so changing its look can make the entire space feel different. Update your pillows and bedding with new colors and patterns to keep the room fresh without breaking the bank. Your choice on the specifics depends on your personal style, but remember that you don’t need to match the pillows and bedding with the rest of the room exactly. Pillows or bedding with unique pops of color or designs can diversify the visuals there quite well.

Change the Room Layout

You may have had your layout set in a fixed position for a while, but simply rearranging your furnishings can be an inexpensive way to upgrade your bedroom. Better yet, it won’t cost you a dime. Most people push their beds up against two walls, but you might consider having it float in the room, meaning you can leave some floor space between it and the walls. You can then use the extra space for other things, such as a reading nook that takes advantage of the abundance of natural light we have here in Florida.

Put a Rug on the Floor

People often confine rugs to the living room, but they can work just as well in your bedroom underneath or slightly staggered from the bed. They won’t cost as much as full-scale furniture, either. A rug can add the softness and texture you need to take your décor to the next level, particularly in a bedroom with hardwood floors. Get familiar with the common rug styles out there, and make your selection based on how one of these styles can play well with your other pieces. For instance, if you want to bring a bit of Florida into your home, go for a breezy, tropical feel with a contemporary rug featuring blue hues and wavy lines to call back to the ocean.

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