Essential Types of Golf Clubs; Information for Beginners

Florida is one of the best locations for golf because of its warm climate. You might have a course near your home and want to get started playing at some point. In the beginning, you can get a feel for the sport by borrowing golf clubs from a course or a friend. If you find that you enjoy golf, you’ll eventually want to purchase gear of your own, though. But it can be confusing, deciding which clubs you need, since there are so many categories and versions on the market. Focus on attaining these essential types of golf clubs for beginners if you’re unsure of what to pick.


The driver is the club you use in your first swing from the tee. It allows you to hit the ball long distances and is, therefore, probably going to be your longest club. There are a few things to keep in mind with a driver. As you search for the right one, look for a length that lets you take a proper, comfortable stance during your swing. This length depends on your arm length and your overall height. You should also aim for a club with a larger head size, as this provides you with more room for error when hitting the ball.


You take out this club when you are still on the fairway if you still need the ball to travel relatively far towards the green after your first hit. Choose a 3-wood, as this has a lower loft and is easier to use than 4- or 5-woods. You can expect your ball to travel far but not very high when you use your wood. This is advantageous when there’s a lot of wind outside that can throw your ball off-course if it rises too high in the air.


Irons are valuable for your middle-range shots on the fairway and impart the ball with a decent amount of lift. As a novice, you will want a 9-iron for shorter shots, a 5- or 7-iron for medium shots, and a 3-iron for longer shots. As an iron gives you more distance, its corresponding loft will decrease and lift the ball less. The irons we list here should have wider heads for more forgiveness. By having three for different ranges, you won’t find your arsenal lacking in any specific situation.


Wedges are mainly useful for getting your ball out of hazards. Thus, they have high lofts so you can lift the ball out of these traps. Though there are various forms of hazards that you might encounter, a sand wedge built for sand bunkers should be sufficient for you to escape tough spots and even hit the ball short distances before reaching the green.



While the driver emphasizes power, the putter is best for delicate precision. It is an essential type of golf club for beginners because you use it to hit the ball within the green into the hole. The putter has little to no loft so that the ball barely leaves the ground, if it does at all, when you make contact with it. There aren’t number distinctions with putters the way there are with many of the other clubs, so choose one that feels the most natural to you.

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