Safety Tips for Uber and Lyft Drivers

Miami has been ranked as one of the best cities for Lyft and Uber drivers. With year-round sunshine and plenty of tourist attractions, it’s no wonder. But with so many people utilizing Uber and Lyft’s services, that can put its drivers at risk for various hazards. If you are one of the many people driving Florida’s citizens and visitors, these safety tips for Uber and Lyft drivers are for you.

Check Out Your Passengers

Before you accept a ride, look at the passenger’s profile. Just as passengers can rate drivers, drivers can rate passengers as well, and this information will be available here. As tempting as it is to take every rider that comes across your phone, you can choose to be selective when it comes to whom you pick up. You will also want to double-check your rider profile when it comes time to pick up the passenger to be sure that the right person is getting in your car.

Sanitize Between Passengers

Even without the threat of a global pandemic, it’s important to be aware that you don’t know who is getting in your car and where they’ve been. They or anyone they’ve been with could have had any number of illnesses or germs. Sanitizing between passengers protects not only you, but the passengers you pick up after them.

Take Care of Your Car

The last thing you or your passenger want is to be late because the car breaks down or runs out of gas. Beyond the inconvenience, though, breaking down can be a real safety hazard. You don’t know where your car will break down, whether it will be safely at the side of the road or in the middle of Interstate 95, or what time of day it will break down. Being stranded on a lonely stretch of road at midnight isn’t anyone’s idea of safe. Perform regular maintenance on your car and always keep an eye on your gas.

Practice Good Driving Habits

Sorry, Florida, but on this list of distracted drivers by state, we rank pretty high. We can end the stereotype starting with our ride-share drivers. Strive to not answer phone calls or texts while driving and to pull over if you need to change anything in your GPS. Also, as obvious as it is, follow traffic laws. Even if your passenger is insisting you have to get to your location as fast as humanly possible. They will thank you when you arrive in one piece.

With how much our cities rely on ridesharing, safety for Uber and Lyft drivers is paramount. Whether you are on the Uber or Lyft side of the spectrum, we hope your experience continues to be five stars.

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