Protective Summer Gear You Need for Your Kids

You may be used to that hot Florida summer heat, but your kids probably aren’t quite yet. Though you may feel tempted to spend the day in the sun with the bare minimum, that’s not the smart choice if you’ve got kids with you. For the rest of the summer, make sure that your kids have protection from the sun and any other harsh elements. Check out some important protective summer gear you need for your kids. You’ll feel good about these choices!

A Portable Play Yard

There are quite a few benefits of portable playpens, but one of the big ones is that it will protect your child from the sun. When you want to spend the day outside in the backyard, then this is the item to bring out with you so that your kids can get relief from the sun when they need it. It’s not enough to just rely on the shade—use a playpen whenever you head outside!


If you don’t leave your house without your sunglasses, don’t let the kids leave without theirs! You can get the goggle kind for littler kiddos so that they don’t slip off their faces. Their small eyes are still developing—too much sunshine can do some major damage.

Various Sunscreens

You’ll want a stronger SPF for the face, a sunscreen stick, and various other sunscreens to ensure that your kids are protected. It may seem over-the-top, but protecting skin from the sun is imperative to long-term health. If you’re heading to the ocean, make sure to bring the sunscreens with you so you can reapply when necessary!

Rash Guard Set

Another type of protective summer gear for your kids that’s essential for the beach is a good rash guard set. On those particularly hot days with a high UV index, make sure the kids are in a rash guard set. They’ll protect them from the sun and other elements, keeping them more shielded from Mother Nature’s elements.

Swim Diaper

Swim diapers are a must if you’re bringing your little one with you to any body of water. The material that makes diapers so absorbent also turns them into waterlogged messes in the ocean or pool. Swim diapers will withstand that water and contain any solids.

Insect Repellent

Sunscreen and insect repellent are brother and sister—you need them both. Opt for an organic insect repellent that utilizes ingredients like lemongrass to keep it safe for your kids. If you’re doing any sort of hiking, walking, or nighttime hangouts in the open air, that insect repellent will make a difference.

These are just a few of the different items you need for Florida summers. Keep your kids safe this season!

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