3 Ways To Add Color To Freshen up Your Patio

The Florida sun can be punishing, so it’s not surprising if your backyard looks particularly uninspiring lately. There are a lot of signs that your patio needs an update: The cement is cracking, or there’s a dark moss under the table umbrella, or maybe even the iguanas are taking the long way to avoid your yard. Whatever your time and budget, you can turn things around with these ways to add color to freshen up your patio.

Introduce Plants

Your dried-out lawn may be too large of a project, but you can head to the garden center for plants that can add intense pops of color: firebush, Mexican sage, Stokes aster, pentas, Persian shields, and more. Use pots to place flowers where you need them most, or line your patio with perennials. If you don’t have time for much maintenance, at least prioritize that vegetation! The worse-looking your yard, the larger and flashier your new plants should be. In extreme cases, you can resort to covering everything you can with purple bougainvillea, which is in bloom nearly all year long.

Update Fabrics

If your patio furniture’s wood and upholstery are fading, you don’t have to spring for an entirely new set. Distract from the wear and tear by adding vivid color strategically. Choose fresh chair cushions so bright that they’re visible from the beach. There’s more freedom to have fun with patterns when there’s less money at stake. If you have the budget, think about reupholstering with what you have or ordering some custom items. Fade-resistant technology has come a long way in outdoor fabrics since the last time you decorated.

Make Murals

If there are young ones who are in constant need of entertainment, enlist them to help you brighten the patio. You’ve seen the do-it-yourself mosaic kits out there for accent tables and stepping stones; they include all the materials, and they can result in some sentimental heirlooms that don’t take up a lot of space. You can provide your own materials by breaking up some old Fiestaware or moving those chipped porcelain collectibles from the “repair” category to “craft supplies.” Embellish some planters with a few artistic and colorful fragments, or have at an entire wall if you’re brave. Sometimes, kids can come up with spectacular masterpieces, and it just might be the best way to add color to freshen up your patio. Backyard, meet focal point.

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