Must-Have Features for Houses in Florida

The climate in Florida has a significant effect on the houses that are built here. They should have designs that work well in the warmth and stand strong in storms, but this isn’t always the case. When looking to purchase or upgrade a home, you may want to know what characteristics to look for or invest in. These are a few must-have features for houses in Florida.

Tile Roofing

Apart from their visually pleasing style, tile roofs often have the most advantages out of all your roofing options for a Florida home. This is because they are heavier and hardier than many alternatives, such as shingles, making them suitable for changing weather conditions. When harsh rain and powerful winds come, tile roofs won’t break down. They remain resilient even in hurricanes, which is essential given the frequency of those kinds of storms in this region. You just need to inspect them periodically to make sure that they haven’t shifted too much over time.

A Lanai

In other parts of the country, backyard spaces are usually completely open. In Florida, however, your home should instead have a lanai. A lanai is a patio with see-through mesh or glass paneling enclosing it. It can serve various functions, including blocking out pesky insects and animals and expanding your home’s livable space without undergoing a full-scale construction project. With your patio covered, you don’t need to worry about your furniture getting ruined by rain, sun, wind, dirt, or pollen. A lanai can also make it easier to maintain a backyard pool. The protection it provides will keep the water cleaner and regulate temperatures so that it doesn’t evaporate as quickly.

Sturdy Doors and Windows

To go along with a strong roof, an additional must-have feature for houses in Florida is the presence of sturdy doors and windows. These should be able to remain unbroken in gales, so you have adequate physical security indoors throughout the year. Specifically, it is smart to have impact-resistant doors and windows installed that are made of a special multi-layered glass throughout the house. These will not only stay intact when winds and rain beat against them, but they’ll also keep flying debris from crashing into your home. Despite their toughness, they are still just as functional and attractive as regular doors and windows.

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