Top Improvements for Florida Homes

Your home is likely your biggest investment. You may hope to live there for decades to come. Yet, even if you have no intention of selling, maintaining and improving your home can add value that would come in handy if you ever do want to downsize. Consider these top improvements for Florida homes.

Maximizing Natural Light

The beautiful sunrises and sunsets in Florida are some of the best things about living there, combined with gardens filled with native plants, trees, and flowers. Maximize natural light in the home with new windows that combine great views with energy efficiency and impact resistance for storms.

Solar Panels

Energy efficiency goes beyond windows—more efficient appliances will benefit your household’s bottom line. But an obvious way to save on energy costs and is to take advantage of the sunshine in the Sunshine State. You can buy or lease solar panels, depending on what works best for you. Consult with several suppliers to find out what their terms are for installation, maintenance, and warranties.

Replacing the Garage Door

Your garage door is like your second front door—only a lot bigger. It presents a big part of the “face” of your house and has a huge impact on curb appeal. Consider replacing an old door with a more architecturally appropriate or interesting version that blends seamlessly with your home’s exterior.

Enhancing Outdoor Space

In Florida, for most of the year, residents can enjoy time outdoors. Florida homes often feature beautiful screened porches, lanais, in-ground pools, and pool enclosures that bring the outdoors in. Consider a pocket door design for the connection between indoor and outdoor space, making a seamless transition between a living room and a sunroom or screened porch. An attractive pool enclosure screen will enhance your enjoyment of your home and keep pests and debris out of the pool.

Creating an Eat-In Kitchen

Keep that flow in your home with an open-plan, eat-in kitchen. It can become the social hub of your home and enhance family togetherness while you’re preparing and sharing meals.

Many of the most desired improvements for Florida homes are the same as those for homes anywhere else in the country. Plenty of storage space, attractive landscaping, hardwood floors, and fresh paint will all give your home a boost in livability and resale value.

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