Alternatives To Wood Building Materials

For home renovation and building projects, wood is the default choice for many people. While it may be familiar and visually appealing, wood isn’t always the best material to use. There are alternatives to wood building materials that fulfill the same role with the benefits of being more durable, low-maintenance, and sustainable. Consider these options before committing to wood.


Composite materials are made of a combination of wood pieces and plastic. This unique makeup allows them to retain the same look as normal wood while being hardier. Since plastic is inorganic, it doesn’t need as much care when facing the elements. Their production is also more sustainable, because their wood components can come from leftover pieces of regular wood board production. They can also use recycled plastic. You should note that they still need cleaning since organisms like fungi can grow in their wood parts.


Bamboo is a plant that bears many similarities to trees because of its height and hard stems. You might use it as an alternative to wood building materials because of how easy it is for companies to produce bamboo relative to wood. Bamboo plants grow to proper sizes within only three to five years, which is significantly less time than most tree species. Additionally, bamboo has a beautiful appearance and is quite sturdy. However, you do need to seal it to prevent moisture damage.

Plastic Wood

Plastic wood is entirely plastic, unlike composites. This makes it arguably one of the best materials for outdoor projects in Florida, where humidity, precipitation, sunlight, and decomposing organisms abound. It resists all these factors and will remain undamaged no matter what nature throws at it. Plastic wood is also commonly made from recycled post-consumer waste. And since it’s inherently resilient, you don’t need to worry about coming into contact with harmful wood preservation chemicals while working with it. That being said, In some cases, such as interior renovations, you may prefer the look of more natural materials.

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