Tips for Riding Electric Bikes in the Rain

Electric bicycles, or e-bikes, are growing in popularity among many people. They possess motors that assist riders while they are pedaling, allowing for more speed and an easier ride. Since you can turn the motor on or off and switch between several levels of activation, you can still exercise effectively while also enjoying the supplementary power when you need it most. With Florida’s frequent rain, though, you must be prepared to face inclement weather when you’re using your e-bike. Follow these tips for riding electric bikes in the rain to stay safe.

Add Lights

Rain can obscure a driver’s sight on the road as it pours over the windshield of their car. Clouds also obscure the sun’s light. This can make it difficult for drivers to notice a small bicycle, so you want to add accessories that will make yourself more visible. Adding on a headlight and taillight to your electric bicycle should keep you from blending into your surroundings in the rain. The lights that you choose should have a blinking function, as this will make you even more noticeable. You may also consider placing lights on your helmet.

Move More Cautiously

Moving more cautiously may seem obvious, but it’s also a consideration that’s easy to forget. With water on the street, all surfaces will become more slick than usual. Therefore, you shouldn’t proceed along at top speed, as this will increase the likelihood that you’ll fall. Instead, remember to decrease your level of motor assistance and start braking earlier than normal. When you make turns or face bends in the road, slow down, and don’t lean too much to one side. This will ensure you maintain as much surface contact with the ground as possible.

Maximize Traction

Traction is important for your safety, so a tip for riding electric bikes in the rain is to maximize traction as much as possible. You can make up for the general wetness by lowering the pressure of your e-bike’s tires by about 10 psi. Due to the greater degree of give that your tires attain with less air inside them, they’ll have more surface area touching the road. This will, in turn, give your wheels a better grip. Alternatively, if you’re purchasing an entirely new bicycle, you can invest in an electric bike with fat tires. Fat tires are thicker than normal ones and have more aggressive treads so they can move comfortably in bad weather. Normally, fat tires make pedaling somewhat more difficult, but the motor assistance you get with an e-bike will counteract this.

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