Most Popular Amenities for Landlords to Provide

Where there’s new construction of rental property, or landlords looking to fill vacancies in rental or vacation homes, certain amenities have more pull for prospective tenants. The most popular amenities for landlords to provide include:

In-Unit Appliances

An in-unit washer-dryer saves tenants a trip to the laundromat or the laundry room. While many renters love features that encourage community, washing their unmentionables isn’t really one of them. Single-unit heat and air conditioning, where the tenant has climate control in their home, is also a top draw.


Renters want to bring Fido and Fluffy with them to their new home, and they want areas to play and care for them outside, too. This includes amenities like pet washing stations and dog parks.

Private Outdoor Space

Private patios or balconies and fenced yards accessible from inside the unit and secured from the outside are high on the list of desirable features.

Communal Outdoor Space and Kitchens

Walking paths and gardens are popular, as are outdoor spaces for sports like tennis, basketball, and bocce. Tenants want a good kitchen in their unit, but those who like to entertain want communal kitchens where they can cook or barbeque with their friends.

Top Technology and Services

Fast, fiber optic internet service is a must for renters who want to work from home. In high-end apartment developments, tech goes beyond “fiber to the unit.” Nowadays, they include smart building features like in-building messaging, high-tech smart locks, and energy-efficiency systems that attract high-income tenants. Security systems and motion-detecting lights are a given for safety. Tech-enabled package delivery and concierge service are also attractive. For renters of single-family homes, smart home technology that will raise or lower the temperature based on when the occupant leaves for work or comes home again are among popular amenities landlords can provide. Housekeeping services, dog walking, or furniture assembly are add-ons that high-end tenants will pay extra for.

Common Areas with Scheduled Activities

Communal kitchens with cooking classes, gyms that provide instructors and classes with the latest equipment, and gardens managed by companies that grow and share produce are all desirable. Some high-end properties in places like Los Angeles or Seattle offer bowling alleys or fancy cabanas. In-building coffee shops, theaters, hair salons, libraries, and rooftop lounges with music and firepits are other popular common area amenities.


Of course, sheltered, reserved parking is necessary anywhere parking is at a premium. Homes and buildings that offer sought-after amenities have a better shot at retaining current tenants and attracting new ones.

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