Low Maintenance Landscaping Tips for Patios, Beds, and Lawns

Everyone likes a good home that’s aesthetically pleasing and structurally sound. With these expectations, homeowners strive for the perfect house. This leads to rising maintenance costs as well as countless hours spent on renovations and upkeep. This is especially profound in a home’s exterior—their lawns can greatly boost curb appeal. Interestingly, these homeowners can cut down their costs and time and still achieve the same desired looks for their home with these low maintenance landscaping tips. These will ensure a beautiful Florida yard without costing you as much time or money.

Pick a Strong Foundation for Outdoor Patios

Common sense dictates that the less grass you have in your yard, the less maintenance you’re responsible for. Consider adding a patio or deck to your outdoor landscaping. For instance, stone is incredibly durable and comes in a plethora of colors, like blue, brown, grey, and orange. You can also choose crushed stone, such as pea stone or white stone, instead. This is an essential step if you plan to install a patio or deck because it will prohibit weeds. Weeds can pull up stones and require you re-level them, but a strong foundation will stop this.

Install Mulch Beds

Adding beds of mulch instead of grass is one of the best investments for preventing weeds and undesirables from growing in your yard. Mulch breaks down, fertilizes your plants, requires no water, and prevents weeds from growing. Not to mention, mulch beds are inexpensive.

Opt for Low-Maintenance Flowers

Flowers provide pleasant smells and colorful sights to any front porch space. While keeping flowers well-kept seems like a hassle, some flower varieties require minimal attention. Specifically, lavender is low-maintenance and beautiful to look at. It comes back yearly, only needs watering once a week, and produces a scent that acts as a natural bug repellent.

Use Artificial Grass

Many people don’t realize that there are many benefits to using artificial grass for your lawn. There no yard work needed and it’s safe for children and pets. Children and pets will almost always tear up natural grass, which can harm your yard. With artificial grass, this doesn’t happen, and its porous materials allow for easy waste removal. Also, constant natural grass care can get costly and toxic with reliance on fertilizers and professional care. With artificial grass, you avoid these costs and chemicals. You can also use artificial grass in patches of trouble areas where living grass doesn’t thrive or is over-traveled or hard to maintain because of terrain.

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